Order a cadastral extract

The easiest way to get a cadastral extract is to use our online assistant at  Extracts Order Wizard


This online wizard accompanies you through 3 steps, where you first select the concerned parcel(s), then specify the intended use of the cadastral extract and finally  give the additional information that is needed to handle and ship the order.

Start by defining the parcel(s) that are the object of your cadastral extract. You can either type part of the address in the search field or open the map to graphically select the parcels in the map:

wizard specify cadastral parcelSpecify the concerned cadastral parcel

In the second step you choose in the list the intended use of the extract. In the table list, you see the documents that are regularly provided for the chosen use. You can modify the number of items if you think that you need more copies. Do not hesitate either to give as much supplementary information in the remark field,  if you think that might be helpful when handling the order..

wizard specify use

In the last step you give your personal information either by typing them or by authenticating with your geoportal user acccount. It is here also possible to create a new account.

extraits_wizard_et4.pngPersonal and mailing information

Send the order by clicking on the red button.