Terms & Conditions

15. Conditions of use

15.1 Preface

In conformity with the legislative texts defining its official tasks, the Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie, called ACT from here on, proposes the national official geoportal to the public authorities, to private sector organisations, as well as to the general public on the website  www.geoportail.lu.

Via internet, the user can:

  • read up on geodata, geoproducts and geo-webservices from the official institutions in Luxembourg
  • view the geodata in the mapping portals
  • order products and estimates of products in the eShop
  • publish geoproducts, geodata and webservices of geodata
  • directly access webservices that deliver geodata in a standardised and interactive way

This text defines the conditions under which ACT, producer and manager of the geoportal, offers the described services.
The user acknowledges to be aware of the technical requirements to use the services, as well as the present conditions of use. By using the services, he implicitly recognises that he has obtained all necessary information to use the services, their caracteristics, functions as well as the technical requirements to access them.
ACT reserves the right to modify the text of the present conditions of use, without any notification.

15.2 Services of the geoportal

15.2.1 Target group

The geoportal is destined to :

  • national and foreign public administrations on state, regional or municipality level
  • societies and business companies that need geodata
  • the general public

The geoportal is an exchange platform of geodata, geoproducts and geodata webservices.

Is considered as geodata all digital content with a unambiguous spatial link. Are considered as geoproducts all sorts of documents like maps, plans, extracts or others, which are based on geodata. Are considered as geodata services informatic applications capable of service geodata content on demand via the network.

15.2.2 Metadata catalogs

The geoportal contains a catalog with metadata about the available geoproducts, geodata and geoservices.
In the catalogs every item is described with metadata that are compliant to the international specifications and norms.
The information about the available geoproducts, geodata and geoservice are managed by the different providers connected to the geoportal, and this information can by no means imply any responsibility of ACT, the manager of the system.
Metadata found in the catalogs can never overrule legal stipulations (laws, règlements grand-ducaux). In case of loopholes in the catalog or contradictions between catalog and law text, the official legislation always overrules information contained in the catalogs.
The catalog contains information in 4 languages :luxemburgish, french, german and english. ACT cannot assume any responsibility in case of translation mistakes or eventual contradictions between the different language versions of the metadata sets.

15.2.3 Online geodata viewing

The geoportal offers a map portal to display geodata content about the territory of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
The content viewable in the maps may not be used as legal proof in lawsuits. The content of the visible geodata, their completeness, actuality, precision, dimension or quality can never give any guarantee about the real circumstances in the terrain. ACT as well as the geodata providers of the geoportal deny any responsibility in case of eventual contradictions between the reality and the geodata content, even in case of damage encountered because of these differences.
ACT does not pretend to offer all existing official geodata content of the Grand-Duchy. But ACT aims at gathering as much ass possible of the available geodata.

15.2.4 Online order of geoproducts - shop

Authenticated users can order geoproducts offered in the geoportal and require estimates of geoproducts.
Only registered users with a user account and a password can use the shopping function.
Any action made with a user account and its password implicates the responsibility of the account owner. This is especially true for orders.
The account owner has to take care not to disclose his account name and corresponding passwords to thirds.
Ordered downloadable digital content remains available for download during 7 days after the first download to make sure that the customer can retrieve his data even in case of network problems. After 7 days, the files are automatically deleted.
Files which have not been downloaded are automatically deleted from the servers after 1 year, without notification nor refund.
In case of epayment, the customer has to comply to the rules of our partner companies CETREL and saferpay.

15.2.5 Direct access to geodata content through standardised webservices

The geoportal offers a series of standardised webservices to deliver geodata online to the users.
Access to geodata webservices can be protected by an authentication with password.
The webservices are strictly compliant to the actual norms and standards, particularly the ISO standards and the Open Geospatial Consorium (OGC) specifications WMS, WFS, WCS, CS-W.
Neither ACT nor the other providers can guarantee that the webservices correctly interact with the client software of the users. No modification, configuration or adaptation can be required in case of problems.
The user has to acknowledge that the use of webservices is inclined to generate significant data flow and important server load. Therefore he has to prevent excessive use of the webservices.
Access to certain webservices can entail fees.

15.2.6 Special functions for geodata, product and webservice providers

The geoportal is a national exchange platform for geodata, geoproducts and geodata webservices, from multiple providers.
The geoportal offers several functions to

  • offer products in the eShop
  • publish geodata content in the map portals
  • provide metadata information about geoproducts, geodata webservices and geodata in the catalogs
  • receive and handle orders
  • manage orders

Access to the providers' functions presupposes an authentication with login and password.
The use of the provider functions is free of costs.
ACT assumes no responsibility in case of eventual problems in the interactions between customers and providers concerning orders made in the geoportal.

15.3 Prices

The use of the geoportal itself is free of costs, but ordering products or accessing webservices may entail costs, in conformance with legal dispositions.

15.4 Responsibility

By using the geoportal, the user implicitly agrees that ACT has met its obligations concerning advice and information about the essential caracteristics of the provided functions in the geoportal, and that ACT installed sufficient IT and telecommunication means to use the services.
Offering a support does not imply an obligation of a result.
Neither ACT nor the “Centre des Technologies de l'Information de l'Etat” CTIE can be made responsible in case of unavailability of the system or a malfunctioning internet connection, or in case of service disturbances due to technical reasons out of their reach.
Access to the geoportal is not guaranteed. ACT reserves the right to temporarily take the system offline, particularly for maintenance or security reasons. Such an unavailability implies no right whatsoever for compensation for eventual damage suffered.
ACT takes all necessary precautions to avoid perturbances and damage through internet attacks, and to avoid that harmful software penetrates the geoportal's IT infrastructure. Nevertheless no guarantee in this extent can be given, and ACT assumes no responsibility in case of eventual damage encountered because of such problems.
Neither ACT nor CTIE accept any responsibility in case of indirect damage encountered, like financial or commerial loss, loss of customers or market parts, general commercial problems, cost rise, benefit diminution, brand mark loss, loss of data, files or programs, resulting from difficulties using the geoportal's services or from using the transferred information. Any legal action against the user by a third person is considered an indirect damage, and is not liable for damage compensation
ACT is not responsible for consequences resulting from the loss, theft or abuse of the user name and password in the geoportal.
ACT reserves the right to block user accounts if abusive actions are discovered.
The system can be configured to the personal needs of a user. But it is not allowed to proceed to forbidden actions in case of a malfunctioning access control.
Access to the geoportal's functions happes through internet. By using it, the user declares to know about it and to accept its risks. He needs to protect himself against internet piracy through a securised IT configuration, especially a firewall and a virus check. Luxembourg State cannot be responsible of direct or indirect damage encountered through navigation on the geoportal.

15.5 Applicable law

The present conditions of use depend on Luxemburg's legislation. In case of legal dispute, only the luxemburgish tribunals are competent, except in case of higher ranking contrary dispositions.

15.6 Voidness

If one or several clauses in the present conditions of use are considered invalid, or declared to be invalid in conformance to a law, a regulation or a juridictional decision, the other clauses remain valid.