What's new

Background switcher

The background layer selection menu has been replaced by a selection icon and has been moved to the right. The currently active background layer is highlighted by a small red square around the image

Screen Shot 10-07-20 at 12.30 PM.PNG

It is now also possible to view the metadata and the legend of the currently active background layer via the my layers section. Here the layer is found among your selected layers and it is possible to activate the legend and the metadata by clicking on the "I" next to the name of the layer

Screen Shot 10-07-20 at 12.32 PM.PNG

Tip: this also applies to all other layers whether among your selected layers and even in the catalog.

Vector style sharing

With the introduction of vector tiles we have introduced the possibility of creating your own cartographic style for the "road map". However, it was not possible to easily share this style with third parties.

With our recent change, it is now possible to share it via URL. Edit the map as you want and share your map style with whoever you want.

The style export functions are of course still available for those who want to use them.

Card Rotation

Until now the geoportal map viewer only allowed viewing Luxembourg in one direction (North up), now you can rotate the map on the central axis of the viewport

  • On the computer by pressing the "ctrl" key (CMD on Mac OS) and dragging the mouse in the map while keeping the left key pressed.
  • On mobile by placing 2 fingers apart on the screen and turning them

Screen Shot 10-07-20 at 01.17 PM.PNG

The arrow indicates the north of the country and allows you to rotate the map to its initial position by clicking on it. The labels always remain in a horizontal position in order to remain readable.

If you want to rotate the map to other dimensions, you can click on the "3D" icon


While it has always been possible to incorporate the geoportal into your website, you needed some knowledge of JavaScript to do this.

In order to allow more people to use the geoportal in their web page, we now also offer an integration in the form of "iframe". Just copy / paste the configuration tip into a web page to find the same layers as in the geoportal.

Screen Shot 10-07-20 at 01.20 PM.PNG

Create your cards, and use the share function to obtain the iFrame code to embed those if in your websites.

Print measurements

The printing function has been improved and now also incorporates such existing measures.

ATTENTION: We would like to remind you that this does not replace a surveyor or measurements on site

Even if the tool is made available and we strive to provide accurate data, the measurements remain approximate