Data Catalogue

This catalogue of the geoportal contains detailed information about products derived from geodata, offered by the ministries, administrations and services of Luxemburg.

Open Data Catalog

This Catalogue contains openly available data offered by the Cadastral Administration as well as other ministries, administrations and companies of Luxemburg. 

Web Services

Web Services enable automatic data sharing and exchange between different systems. Geographic data web services are widely used in local and national governement to facilitate interoperable Geographic Information Systems and Data. Within the luxembourgish geoportal web services framework, there are 4 levels of access to webservices, both adhering to the WMS (Web Map Server) and WFS (Web Feature Server) OGC standards: 

  1. accessible only on the internal state network. 
  2. accessible on the internet through a a secured login system.
  3. accessible freely through the internet. 
  4. accessible according to the rules of the INSPIRE directive.

INSPIRE Catalogue

INSPIRE is a project of the European Commision with the aim to create a pan-european geographic data infrastructure. This catalogue contains all official national data that are in the scope of this directive.