Mobile Apps

The official mapping app from Luxemburgs national geoportal, developed by the Cadastre Topography Administration (ACT).

It is available for mobile browsers , as an iOS App and an Android App .

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This app enables you to view topographic maps, aerial photos, and cadastral parcels as well as many other interesting datasets about Luxemburg via your mobile device.

  • Search for places by names, toponymes, parcel numbers, coordinates etc
  • Chose among more than 100 different data layers (as available on our website)
  • Share your maps Use maps in offline mode
  • Access high quality hiking trails
  • Visualize height profiles
  • Create POIs on the map (thanks to the GPS, by coordinates , e.g Geocaching or inventories )
  • Export GPX/KML files

Offline functionality

The apps enable you to choose a specific zone to download to your device. The active map layers for this area will be available to use even when offline, for example when hiking in areas without network coverage. This functionality is also ideal to download our maps via Wi-Fi at home, without incurring excessive mobile data download charges or exceed your data quota.