Order a measurement plan

To verify if a surveying plan already exists for your parcel(s), or to order such a plan, please use the

Log in with your geoportal user login and the corresponding password. In case you do not yet have a geoportal user account, you can create a new one here.


You arrive in the order channel, where you first choose the product category ("Specific product") ....


... and the product ("Cadastral surveying plan") :


Then in the 2nd step, you have to select the surveying plan you need. The most common approach is to first select the parcel(s) and to have the system search for the existing surveying files. As shown in the picture below, you can for example use the search field on top of the map window to enter an address or a parcel number:


Then use the button on your right side to activate the graphic selection and click in the map to select a parcel (or hold down the left mouse button to multi-select more than one parcel with a rectangle):


The geoportal then searches the existing surveying plans and shows them in the list. You select the items by doiuble-clicking on them in the list :


Because it is not sure that a plan meets your requirements (as f.e. some borders or buildings you need may not be covered by it), there is a "Preview-Function" that shows you its content. Click on the plan with the right mouse-button and choose "Preview".

Another way to identify the surveyings is to directly search for the surveying number. You have to use the dedicated fields to indicate the cadastral municipality and the dossier number.

After having selected the surveying plans, you can proceed as usually with the order in the geoportal shop.